about us

It started its service life in 1992 as a small furniture workshop called Bahçekapı Furniture. In 2006, it continues its service with a more corporate identity under the name of Doǧa Furniture. In its facility where it processes wood and metal products; It has a 5000 m2 production facility where it produces armchairs and corner sets, bases, beds, sofas, chairs and bedsteads.

It produces mattresses with its new generation technological machinery without sacrificing quality. It has set high quality production for your living spaces as its mission. It has gained an important place in the sector with its modern, ergonomic and stylish designs.

Since 2010, it has taken important steps towards foreign markets, especially the Netherlands and Germany, considering its export-oriented growth target. By establishing Doǧa Bedding Europe team in 2018; It has come a long way as an international competitive power in the sales of bed bases, beds, sofa sets and other accessories. It has managed to deliver its products quickly with the warehouses we have established in important points of Europe. Doǧa Bedding brand is able to offer competitive prices in the international market.

By following the latest developments in the sector and the current demands in the user area, it ensures that you experience consumer rights in the best way by following up with the best teammates, strong and professional administrative management.